• More mattress,
    less price

More mattress,
less price


Introducing the VersaBed Memory Foam mattress:

In an ever more demanding world, having a restful sleep is critical. And finding the right mattress is not easy, and can add even more stress to the process.

With so many models and types of comfort on the market, it can be difficult to decide which mattress to choose. Trying mattresses in retail stores can also be confusing because you are not in your sleeping environment, and once home it can feel radically different. Many factors can influence your choice, and not always for the best, like pressure from salespeople or the rush to decide which mattress to buy.

Now you can cut through the haze and let go of the stress of choosing the right comfort. Because with years of manufacturing and retail experience we are happy to present you the best mattress you will ever buy, the VersaBed Memory Foam mattress.


Why VersaBed ?

When you combine two of the most common comfort into your VersaBed, you'll be sure it'll be a perfect fit.


Quality in mind

Premium memory foam

VersaBed™ mattress is reversible, it will last longer than a one side mattress.

Strong core

VersaBed™ mattress is built with a durable and strong core made out of high density durable foam.

Double side cover

Our washable and reversible cover gives you the choice between a warm feel and a cool feel to suit your exact needs!

A Smart


Design for optimal sleep

Since each body is different, this mattress was designed to adapt to you, and not the other way around!

One mattress

Two Comforts

One mattress, two comforts!

Not sure which comfort you prefer? You know how sometimes you wish it was "just a little firmer" or "just a little softer?" And even sometimes our needs can change just as quickly from one year to the next! That's why our design combines the two most popular firmness levels on the market so you always have the perfect firmness at your fingertips.

More mattress

Less price

More mattress, less price !

If you happen to enjoy both sides, the VersaBed mattress will give you twice the lifespan of any other memory foam mattress on the market!

The sleep of your life

Everything a mattress should be